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Data recovery for all data storage devices!

Netiabi Hoolduskeskus recovers data
and helps to store it more efficiently.

We ensure the privacy of your data!

Data destruction and ensuring data privacy

Your company got new computers and old computers go on sale?
What would happen if wrong people could access your data?
By destroying data, you
decrease the risk.  
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Netiabi Hoolduskeskus helps to destroy the data for all devices without damaging them.

Why is it necessary to destroy data?
For companies. Companies’ computers contain a lot of important data, such as contracts, customer contact information, email correspondence and passwords. Workplace computers may also contain classified information.
If the data is not destroyed, this information can be accessed very easily, even if the computer's operating system is reinstalled.
What would happen if your company's customers and suppliers could be accessed by any competitor?

For individuals. You have used your computer for years, saved information about your personal life, pictures, documents, etc.?
If you plan to replace your computer, buy a new one and sell the old one, wouldn’t it be very uncomfortable, if someone dug in to your personal life?
Formatting the hard drive and installing a new operating system alone can’t prevent your personal information from getting into the hands of strangers. This can only be avoided by destroying the data.

How can data be destroyed?
We offer our customers two options to destroy data:
- By software, data intact (you can have your device back and may carelessly resell it or give it away);
- Mechanical, in which case the data carrier is completely destroyed and other parts (casings, plastic parts, etc.) will be utilized.

For Netiabi Hoolduskeskus, it is important to follow the privacy of the data entrusted to us. We guarantee the confidentiality of the data destroyed. Our technicians do not work, or disclose information about the contents of the data to third parties. If necessary, we conclude a confidentiality agreement with the client.

If you have any questions about data destruction, feel free to call 5850 1010, fill in the inquiry form, or come to our service center in J. Vilmsi 47, Tallinn.

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