Data recovery from a memory card

Can’t find photos from the camera’s memory card?

Memory card pins are damaged?

Memory card has liquid damage?

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop recovers data from different types of memory cards from all manufacturers.

We will recover the files on your memory card while ensuring full data privacy – and if we can’t recover your data, you don’t have to pay!

There are usually 2 types of problems related to memory cards:

Physical damage

Compared to a hard drive, memory card is much more resistant to shocks, but in case of careless handling or an accident, memory card can be damaged as well – for example pin, liquid or other physical damage. If the memory card is damaged, the computer may have problems detecting it. It may also cause problems to the computer’s performance such as freezing. Bring your damaged memory card to diagnostic testing – we will detect the severity of the problem and let you know what data can be recovered.

Device logical failures

As with any other storage device, the memory card and data stored on it can also be infected with viruses. This means that the files saved may be faulty and often
data can be accidentally erased. Older memory cards may lose data storage capability due to wearing out and the files may become faulty or unreadable. If you notice a problem using the memory card – the files are corrupted and do not open, the computer does not recognize the memory card or it is not possible to save data – remove it immediately from the computer and bring it to our technicians for assessment. This way, there is a greater chance of your data being recovered.

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop recovers data from CompactFlash (CF), SD, Mini SD, Micro SD, MMC, xD-Picture cards and all other types of memory cards.

Manufacturers whose memory cards we restore data from:

Acer | Adata | | Asus | Benq | Corsair | Crucial | D- | Dell | Fujitsu | Hitachi | HP | Intel | Kingston | Kodak | Lacie | Lenovo | Netgear | Nikon | OCZ | Olympus | Panasonic | Philips | Qnap | Samsung | Sandisk | Toshiba | Western Digital

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with recovering your data from a memory card. We will identify the problem within 1-5 days. Storage device diagnostics is free of charge!

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    How do we recover data from a memory card at Netiabi Computer Repair Shop?

    Problem description from the customer

    First, we would like to receive your description of what happened to the memory card or what kind of problems have occurred.


    We will identify which of the deleted or lost data can be recovered. Diagnostics usually takes 1-5 days. We will then provide a list of files that can be recovered and information on the price range as well as how much work is required. Storage device diagnostics is free of charge!

    Customer’s decision to recover data

    If our offer is suitable and you have found the lost file that you would like to recover from the list provided, then with your approval we can start the work right away.

    Data recovery

    We recover data from your memory card. If we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you for the service!

    Returning data

    We will return your recovered data as agreed upon and give you recommendations on how to prevent similar problems in the future.

    We understand that data stored on your memory card is personal – we guarantee full data privacy throughout the process.

    If you have questions about data recovery from memory cards or other devices, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists or come and visit us.