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Mechanical data destruction – if software-based destruction is not enough

A storage device falling into the wrong hands is a security risk?

You need to destroy your data and you don’t wish to further use the storage device?

Does the data need to be destroyed on-site so it does not leave the company’s premises?

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop destroys data along with the storage device. We offer on-site data destruction services as well.

Confidentiality of data destroyed is the most important to us. We guarantee full data privacy

When and how is data destroyed mechanically?

Mechanical data destruction is a great way to assure that your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This method is mainly used when storage devices from which the archived data is being destroyed, are obsolete and thus there is no reason to use them anymore. Mechanical method is also used when the storage device from which the data is being destroyed, has a defect – and because of this data can’t be overwritten using software only.

The most common mechanical data destruction options include making the storage device unreadable using magnets and physical destruction, usually done by crushing. This means that the storage device is completely destroyed and other parts (such as cases, plastic details, etc.) are utilized.

The most important aspect of data destruction is maintaining the privacy of data entrusted to us. Our technicians do not work with the content of data nor do they disclose any information to third parties. We will sign a confidentiality agreement if necessary.

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