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Data recovery from a dropped computer that is damaged

A child or a dog accidentally knocked the computer off the table?

Did you fall on a slippery road and your laptop got damaged?

Someone accidentally stepped on your laptop?

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop recovers data from damaged and broken laptops and desktop computers. Your computer was dropped and stopped working?

We will identify the problem within 1-5 days and provide a list of files that can be recovered.

We will recover your documents and files quickly while guaranteeing full data privacy. If we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you for the service!

There are usually 2 types of problems related to dropped computers:

Computer fell and stopped working but the hard drive is unharmed

A hard drive can actually remain unharmed in a dropped and broken computer even if the computer won’t start. When this happens we can simply copy your data from the broken computer’s hard drive.

A computer was dropped or destroyed and the hard drive is damaged as well

Any type of shock or drop will usually leave a smaller or bigger mark on the hard drive. When a computer was dropped and the hard drive was damaged as well, we can identify the hard drive’s condition and develop a strategy for further action

You are not sure whether the hard drive in your dropped or damaged computer is unharmed? Contact us and we will figure it out – we will help you recover your data.

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    How do we recover data from dropped computers?

    Problem description from the customer

    First, we would like to receive your description of how the computer dropped and what is the condition of the computer.The information you have provided will become our guideline on how to approach the data recovery.


    We will identify the condition of the hard drive, is it unharmed or damaged. Diagnostics usually takes 1-5 days. We will then provide a list of files that can be recovered and information on the price range as well as how much work is required. Storage device diagnostics is free of charge!

    Customer’s decision to recover data

    If our offer is suitable and you have found the lost file that you would like to recover from the list provided, then with your approval we can start the work right away.

    Data recovery

    We recover data from computers, hard drives and from all the operating systems. If we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you for the service!!

    Returning data

    We will return your recovered data as agreed upon and give you recommendations on how to prevent similar problems in the future.

    We understand that content on your computer is personal – we guarantee full data privacy throughout the process.

    NB! The easiest way to avoid losing your data is to have a backup! Depending on the volume of important data, you can use a memory stick with a larger storage capacity, an external hard drive, a server or a cloud storage option. You can find more tips on storing your data safely from our blog

    If you have any questions in regards to recovering data from a dropped computer or your computer simply won’t start, contact our experienced technicians. We will gladly assist you with both – recovering your data and solving other electronics related problems.