Data recovery from a memory stick

Did you accidentally delete necessary data from a memory stick and would like to get it back?

Did your memory stick get wet or was dropped and damaged?

Your computer displays a message that the memory stick is unreadable?

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop recovers data from any type of memory sticks in all capacities, from various manufacturers.

Whether it is a physical damage, disappeared or deleted data from a memory stick – we recover it quickly and guarantee full data privacy!

Did you save an only copy of important school assignments on your memory stick? Or travel photos? A memory stick is a compact and convenient way to store and transport your data, but it is always reasonable to have a backup copy of the files, to avoid losing your data!

Common reasons that may cause difficult access to your data or data disappearing from your memory stick:

  •  • Unintentional emptying of a memory stick
  •  • Accidentally deleting wrong files from a memory stick
  •  • Data disappearing due to computer viruses
  •  • Damage caused by power fluctuations
  •  • Unexpected closing of a computer or a program
  •  • Physical damage caused by dropping or crushing
  •  • Water or fire damage

If you found your problem from the list or something completely different happened, contact us – diagnostics for your memory stick is free of charge and if we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you for the service!

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop recovers data from all manufacturers’ memory sticks:

ADATA | Aigo | Amkette | Apacer | Centon Electronics, Inc. | Corsair Memory | Crucial Technology | HP | iBall | Imation | IronKey | Kingston Technology | Konami | Lexar | Netac | OCZ | ORCHID | PNY | Quantum Corporation | Ritek | Super Talent | Samsung | SanDisk | Seagate | Silicon Power | Sony | Strontium | Technology | Transcend | TrekStor | Umax | Verbatim | VisiOn | Asus | Axiom | Buffalo | Technology | Centon Electronics, Inc. | Chaintech | Corsair Memory | Dataram | Fujitsu | G.Skill | Hyundai | IBM | Infineon | Kyocera | Lenovo | Micron Technology | Mushkin | OCZ | Rambus | Ramtron International | Rendition | Renesas | Technology | Simmtronics |  | Super Talent | Tyan | Irvine

Contact us to discuss how we can assist with recovering your data from a memory stick. We will identify the problem within 1-5 days and diagnostics is free of charge!

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    Anton Rütman
    Service Manager

    How do we recover data from a memory stick at Netiabi Computer Repair Shop?

    Problem description from the customer

    First, we would like to receive your description of what happened to the memory stick or what kind of problems have occurred. Then we know how to approach both diagnostics and recovery process.

    Memory stick diagnostics

    We will identify the fault of the memory stick and determine what data can be recovered. Diagnostics usually takes 1-5 days. We will then provide a list of files that can be recovered and information on the price range as well as how much work is required. Storage device diagnostics is free of charge!

    Customer’s decision to recover data

    If our offer is suitable and you have found the lost file that you would like to recover from the list provided, then with your approval we can start the work right away.

    Data recovery

    Data we recover from a USB flash drive includes files, documents, photos, etc. If we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you for the service!

    Returning data

    We will return your recovered data as agreed upon and give you recommendations on how to prevent similar problems in the future.

    We understand that files on your memory stick may be private and contain sensitive information – we guarantee full confidentiality of your data throughout the process.

    Do you have questions about recovering data from a memory stick? Contact our technicians or come and visit us at Saku 13 in Tallinn – we will gladly assist you!