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Data recovery from smartphones

Your phone doesn’t turn on, but you would like to recover your photos?

Your phone was destroyed, but you would like to recover your data?

There are important contact details on your broken phone?

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop recovers data from all manufacturers’ smartphones. We recover data from smartphones with all operating systems, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows etc.

We will recover your data and guarantee full data privacy.

Did you accidentally delete necessary files or discovered faulty files from your smartphone? Turn off your smartphone immediately and contact our specialists. Just like with all other storage devices, a smartphone doesn’t instantly delete data either but overwrites it with new data during further use. This means that the less activity there is after deleting your data, the greater the chance of recovering it..

If your smartphone has a physical damage due to a drop or it is damaged by fire or liquid, remove it from the charger or other power source and bring it to a specialist as soon as possible. NB! Do not try to turn it on, because you may further damage the device!

How can we help you recover data from a smartphone?

Data recovery from iPhone – iOS smartphones

Smartphones with iOS operating system save data to internal storage only. Internal storage capacity may differ depending on the device’s model, but the data recovery process is similar. Recovering data from an iPhone has been made a lot easier because in most cases you can synchronize your device with iCloud storage – we recommend it in order to avoid losing your data. If you can’t find the necessary data from there, contact our technicians!

Data recovery from Android devices

Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Xiaomi and many other large smartphone manufacturers use an Android operating system in their phones. Compared to Apple devices, you can add a memory card to Android phones which creates additional storage capacity. We recover data from damaged and destroyed Android devices and memory cards.

Smartphones with Windows operating system

The operating system used mainly in Nokia and Microsoft products is familiar to computer users all over the world because the Windows operating system is used by the majority of the world’s computer users. We recover data from both, Windows phones with physical damage and logical failures.

We recover data from the following manufacturers’ smartphones:

Apple | Samsung | Asus | Blackview | Caterpillar | Honor | HTC | Huawei | Just5 | Nokia | Xiaomi | Lenovo | LG | Sony | Motorola | Acer | Alcatel | Allview | Archos | Asus | Blow | Dell | Denver | Energy Sistem | eStar | Fujitsu | HANNSpree | HP | Kiano | Kruger&Matz | Lark | Microsoft | Modecom | MyPhone | Navitel | ODYS | Overmax | Sponge | TrekStor

Would you like to recover your data from a smartphone? Contact us and we will assist you!

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    How do we recover data from smartphones?

    Problem description from the customer

    First, we would like to receive your description of what happened to your phone – does not turn on, phone dropped in water or another problem. We will then know, how to approach the diagnostics.

    Smartphone diagnostics

    We will identify the condition of the smartphone and determine what data can be recovered.  Diagnostics usually takes 1-5 days. We will then provide an information about what can be recovered and information on the price range as well as how much work is required. Storage device diagnostics is free of charge!

    Customer’s decision to recover data

    If our offer is suitable, then with your approval we can start the work.

    Data recovery

    We recover contact details, instant messages, photos, videos, audio recordings, text messages and other files from your smartphone. If we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you for the service!

    Returning data

    We will return your recovered data as agreed upon and give you recommendations on how to prevent similar problems in the future.

    We understand that content on your smartphone is private – we guarantee full confidentiality of your data throughout the process.

    If you would like to recover data from your smartphone or there is another problem, contact our technicians – we will assist you with all problems related to smart devices.