Data recovery from hard drives with bad sectors

Operating system won’t start or crashes unexpectedly?

Does your computer keep freezing and nothing seems to be helping?

Is your hard drive making a clicking sound?

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop recovers data from hard drives with bad sectors. We recover data from different types of hard drives, including both internal and external

We recover data and change the hard drive if necessary so that your files would be safe and your computer usable! We guarantee full data privacy throughout the process.

What are bad sectors on a hard drive?

For the computer, bad sectors are unreadable sectors. If your computer is sometimes slow, freezes, the operating system won’t start or there is another rather unusual problem, it might be because of a hard drive with bad sectors.

There are usually two main causes of bad sectors:

Logical bad sectors

Are usually caused by faults in software. Sometimes computer unintentionally stores faulty information and that may corrupt a sector and cause disruption in hard drive’s functioning even when the drive is physically unharmed.

Physical bad sectors

Are a result of physical damage. Common causes for bad sectors in computers and hard drives include a shock or a drop, a hard drive wearing out or overheating, etc.

How to determine if your computer’s hard drive has bad sectors?

The safest way to identify whether your computer or hard drive has bad sectors is to bring it to Netiabi technicians for testing. We will determine if the drive is suitable for further use and recover the damaged data.

Would you like to recover your data from a hard drive and find out if it is suitable for further use? Bring it to our technicians for assessment!

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    How do we recover data from hard drives with bad sectors at Netiabi Computer Repair Shop?

    Problem description from the customer

    First, we would like to receive your description on what type of problem does the computer have – it keeps freezing, computer glitches or something else. We will then have enough information to develop a strategy for diagnostics.


    We will determine the condition of the computer and hard drive as well as identify data that can be recovered. Diagnostics usually takes 1-5 days. We will then provide a list of files that can be recovered and information on the price range as well as how much work is required. Storage device diagnostics is free of charge!

    Customer’s decision to recover data

    If our offer is suitable and you have found the lost file that you would like to recover from the list provided, then with your approval we can start the work right away.

    Data recovery

    We recover data from hard drives with bad sectors – both physical and logical. If we are unable to recover your data, we will not charge you for the service!

    Returning data

    We will return your recovered data as agreed upon and give you recommendations on how to prevent similar problems in the future.

    We understand that files on your storage device may be private and contain sensitive information – we guarantee full confidentiality of your data throughout the process.

    NB! The easiest way to avoid losing your data is to have a backup! Depending on the volume of important data, you can use a memory stick with a larger storage capacity, an external hard drive, a server or a cloud storage option. You can find more tips on storing your data safely from our blog

    If your hard drive is causing problems with your computer then contact our specialists today – we will recover damaged or lost data and make your computer usable again.