Software-based data destruction

Would you like to resell your computer and destroy all data?

Did your company change computers and the old ones will go on sale?

Would you like to clear your hard drive so the data would be unrecoverable?

Netiabi Computer Repair Shop destroys data from all storage devices without damaging the devices!

Privacy of data entrusted to us is most important. We guarantee complete confidentiality of data destroyed.

Why is data destruction necessary?

For businesses

Companies’ computers and storage devices contain a lot of important data, including contracts, customer contact information, email correspondence and passwords. Depending on the field, some data might even be classified.

When a hard drive has been simply formatted and the operating system reinstalled but the data has not been destroyed, then all information that was previously saved is easily accessible

What would happen, if information about your company’s customers, suppliers and passwords could be accessed by a competitor?

For individuals

You have used your computer for years. You have saved information about your personal life, including photos, documents, videos and other files. You are now planning to sell your old computer and purchase a new one – but would you want a stranger digging around in your private life and going through your personal files?

Formatting a hard drive and installing a new operating system doesn’t protect your personal data from falling into the wrong hands. Only data destruction can prevent that from happening.

We destroy data from hard drives and other storage devices without damaging them – using a specialized software. This way, you can have your storage device back unharmed and you can resell it or give it away without worrying that someone could access your data.

The most important aspect of data destruction is maintaining the privacy of data entrusted to us. Our technicians do not work with the content of data nor do they disclose any information to third parties. We will sign a confidentiality agreement if necessary.

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