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Netiabi Computer Repair Shop aka Infolink Grupp OÜ was recognized as the ‘Estonian Gazelle Company of 2019’ due to its fast growth over the past three years. We thank all the customers and business partners who have made the growth that characterizes a gazelle company possible and who come to us with their IT and electronics related questions again and again.

Äripäev recognizes companies that have increased their turnover and profit by more than 50% over the past three years and carry the characteristics significant for a fast-growing company – companies that are flexible, fast and make bold decisions.

Almost 20 years of Gazelle Companies

Based on information from the last three years, Äripäev composes the gazelle companies TOP list for the 19th time. The fact that every year less than 1% of Estonian businesses receive the award adds value to the recognition. Having provided expert IT support along with excellent customer service for more than 10 years, Netiabi has consistently increased the scope and quality of its services, while simultaneously growing its loyal customer base – who regularly turn to Netiabi with their electronics related concerns. We are a reliable partner for both individuals and companies. We are well aware that working with personal or company’s electronics is a delicate process and devices contain confidential information. We offer customer satisfaction guarantee for the services provided while maintaining full customer data privacy.

Our approach that is based on customer needs and possibilities allows us to handle each case individually and besides repairing and maintaining IT equipment  we are also advisers for our customers. We aim to make IT-related support and services accessible and easily understandable – we explain the nature and causes of errors, give recommendations for preventing problems in the future and when the repair is unreasonably expensive, we recommend purchasing a new device instead. When recovering data, we take responsibility for the quality of the services provided – if we are unable to recover data, we will not charge you for the service.

Netiabi carries on the values of Gazelle Companies

The term gazelle company was coined by an American economist David L. Birch who in the nineties discovered that in certain time periods small companies, as opposed to corporations, are the creators of new jobs and innovative thinking in entrepreneurship. Netiabi’s way of offering IT support and services especially through focusing on providing excellent service, helps us to stand out from our competitors and therefore grow faster amongst other gazelles. We thank all our customers and business partners who have placed their trust in us through many years and made it possible to be recognized as a gazelle company.